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Teclado y Mouse KIT Genius KB-8000X Negro Inalambrico Multimedia SETIEMBRE

$ 455.4 en efectivo 
Marca Genius    Garantía: 6 meses   En Stock
18/03/2018 - Presupuesto válido por 3 días

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Wireless Multimedia Keyboard Mouse Combo
2.4 GHz wireless desktop combo
Simple style and low profile keycap for quiet typing
12 function keys for media control and Internet access
1200 dpi mouse with ergonomic shape design
Battery saving technology
Wireless Multimedia Keyboard Mouse Combo

Experience the next generation 2.4GHz wireless multimedia full sized keyboard and mouse combo from Genius - KB-8000. This combo kit offers reliable 2.4GHz transmission for superb working smoothness and uninterrupted connection. The low-profile keycap structure provides maximum typing comfort and a quiet typing experience. There are 12 function keys for media control, office and Internet access, giving you instant access controls so you can accomplish tasks faster. And to relax your hands, the streamline palm rest design provides comfortable support and good typing posture.
The 1200 dpi mouse enhances the tracking ability, provides smooth and precise movement. The ergo shape design offers superior controllability and is suitable for either hand. KB-8000 provides power saving technology for battery life extension, the devices will turn OFF mode automactically under the following three conditions: computer is turned off, the receiver is unplugged or if the devices are out of operating range.
With a competitive price and superior specifications, KB-8000 is the most attractive and economic keyboard mouse combo introduced by Genius in 2013.
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